REV-UP! Manufacturing provides customized trainings and upskilling for Connecticut employers to help them grow their businesses and build a stronger, vibrant workforce for a rapidly changing work world.

TALENT: Includes CCAT-qualified candidates and incumbent workers. CCAT-qualified candidates have been assessed and demonstrate high-level math and mechanical aptitude that align with jobs in manufacturing but require additional skills for higher level positions.

TRAININGS: Offering customized online and in-person trainings and technical support (up to $500 for technology support, e.g. computer) while funds remain on a first-come-first-served basis.

$7,800 WAGE SUBSIDIES: Offering mentor wage subsidies for companies who have identified an employee to assist the trainee with on-the-job support for eight weeks.

EMPLOYER ELIGIBILITY: Connecticut manufacturers who commit to upskilling a candidate through a training plan in partnership with the REV-UP! team. See below for more eligibility details.

Next LIVE Training…

Customer Service Excellence for Manufacturing is designed to enhance the customer service skills of employees as it will increase their focus upon, and their ability to find customer service “improvement opportunities”.

Includes three “layered” modules to be taken in sequence across the course of the program to give participants time to work with the concepts and enhance retention and effectiveness.


April 4, April 11, April 25
8:30 am – 12 pm
222 Pitkin St, East Hartford

How to Enroll

After enrolling in REV-UP!, you will have an opportunity to choose Customer Service Excellence.

  • Learning and responding to customer needs
  • Learning and responding to customer wants
  • Communicating with your customers
  • Identifying customer service standards for your business
  • How, and in what ways, can you deliver your optimal customer service?
  • Identifying high value/low-cost responses to customer complaints

Instructor: Robert Albright, Ph.D. is a founding partner with AIM Consulting Associates who graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy before receiving his Ph.D. in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations.

How REV-UP Works

  1. Employer enrolls their candidate in REV-UP.
  2. CCAT and employer meet to go over program details and any questions.
  3. Employer chooses a training plan from a menu of CCAT options and submits training agreement.
  4. Candidate completes trainings with on-the-job mentor support.
  5. Employer applies for $7,800 mentor wage subsidy.
Employer Eligibility
Employer must be committed to training talent for the future with candidates who are underemployed or unemployed. Underemployment describes the employment of workers with high skill levels, or post-secondary education, who are working in relatively lower-skilled, lower-wage job, OR a part-time worker desiring full-time work, OR a temporary worker desiring a full-time position. Candidates must be upskilled through a training plan implemented in partnership with the REV-UP! technical training team and their employer. Incumbent workers must receive a wage increase ($1 minimum) as a result of participation in the program. Incumbent workers who were either hired or promoted less than two months prior to submitting the initial application, are exempt from the wage increase requirement. In addition, the employer must:

  • be a Connecticut located manufacturing or allied service provider company (allied service providers only include companies that physically interact with a manufactured good to alter the product - for example industrial heat treaters and industrial platers).
  • be registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State for at least three years and currently generating revenue.
  • have 51% or more of the company's revenue generated from the sale of goods the applicant manufactures or from allied services provided to manufacturers.
  • be a for-profit entity with a manufacturing facility located in Connecticut.
  • have at least three full-time employees and no more than 1000 total employees in Connecticut.
  • be in good standing with the State of Connecticut, Department of Labor and Department of Revenue Services, and in full compliance with all federal and state laws, and will provide such proof.
  • identify mentor to support training and/or upskilling during the 8 week training period.
Program Talent
REV-UP! Manufacturing can help you "power-up" your future workforce!  
  • IDENTIFY TALENT IN YOUR COMMUNITY. REV-UP! Manufacturing can help you find talent in your community. CCAT will identify high potential manufacturing candidates, aligned with competencies for technology skills needed now and for the future.
  • IDENTIFY ELIGIBLE TALENT IN YOUR COMPANY. Do you have an employee who is not using their full potential and could be in line for a promotion? Have you hired an employee since January 1, 2023 with high skill levels and/or postsecondary education who is currently working in a lower-skilled, lower-wage job? Do you have a part-time employee desiring full-time work OR a temporary worker desiring a full-time position?
  • Once talent has been identified, the employer will work with the REV-UP! training team to select and support completion of a training program supporting skills for the future. REV-UP! can help mitigate training costs if the employer identifies a company mentor to support the newly acquired skills in the on-the-job training of the worker.
  • Companies seeking reimbursement for technology support (e.g., computer) must have 500 employees or less. Companies may seek reimbursement up to $500 while funds remain on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Training options can include courses offered at CCAT’s Digital Thread Lab. The list of courses can be found at
Mentor Wage Subsidies
  • REV-UP! Manufacturing can help an employer mitigate training costs if the employer identifies a company mentor to support on-the-job training of the new worker. The mentor/training reimbursement of $7,800 can be submitted after the employee has successfully completed eight weeks of on-the-job training. Eligible companies can submit a maximum of 10 applications. Mentor wage reimbursement processing will require invoicing with completed training plan record and evidence of trainee’s work time and wage during that period by submitting payroll records.

Have questions? Contact Program Manager Cameron Diaz at

REV-UP! Manufacturing is a Career ConneCT program powered by CCAT and supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number SLFRP0128 awarded to the State of Connecticut by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the CT Office of Workforce Strategy. Cannabis related programs are not eligible for funding or support through federal funds.

Past Trainings

Industrial Sales

Industrial Sales Training prepares individuals for a sales (or a closely related role) in manufacturing. This FREE hybrid course includes structured industrial sales training with exposure to current and emerging industry 4.0 and smart technologies. Students receive one-on-one coaching with the instructor for six weeks following the completion of training. To be eligible, an employer must be a Connecticut manufacturer that has identified an “underemployed” incumbent worker who will receive a wage adjustment following completion of the program.

Six hours of classroom instruction
Five hours of self-paced online instruction
Six hours of online 1:1 sales coaching

  • Build Your Client Base
  • The CRM
  • Developing Opportunities
  • Prospecting
  • Cultivating Relationships
  • Communications
  • Your Pitch
  • Closing
  • Campaign Creation and Execution
  • Collateral Materials
  • Program Administration

Instructor: Michael Cappello is a sales veteran with 30+ years of business development experience and producer of Rapid Business Development,

Frontline Leadership

Frontline Leadership Training is designed to enhance the competence of employees as they progress from primarily technical roles into supervisory and management positions. This FREE training includes five in-person sessions held at CCAT. To be eligible, an employer must be a Connecticut manufacturer that has identified an “underemployed” incumbent worker who will receive a wage adjustment following completion of the program.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Managing Performance
  • Effective Feedback
  • Team Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Situational Leadership and Delegation

Instructor: Robert Albright, Ph.D. is a founding partner with AIM consulting Associates who received his Ph.D. in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations.