Have you lost good employees due to the pandemic?
Will getting them back help your business?
Will building their skills in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies help you to increase your business/product offering/portfolio?

Rehire your employees and build their inspection, quality and Industry 4.0 skills to stimulate your business. Wage subsidies and FREE employee trainings are now available through the CARES Act. Training equipment and stipends for employee supports (childcare, transportation, housing) can also be provided.


Get started with rehiring your employees.

Lynn Raicik, Workforce Pipeline Programs
860-982-6637 |


  • Online skills training through 180 Skills
  • Lab resources and hands-on trainings at the CCAT Advanced Manufacturing Center
  • On-the-job training and mentoring with the hiring companies


The REV-Up! Connecticut Back to Work program will revolutionize the manufacturing industry by re-engaging manufacturing talent and upskilling workers with the Industry 4.0 technology skills of the future. The focus of the REV-Up! training program will be high demand skill areas of Quality, Inspection, and Industry 4.0 technologies and CCAT will administer a wage reimbursement to help mitigate employer training costs. All interested employers will complete a training plan specific to the upskilling required for the rehire of the jobseeker. Stay tuned for additional information.