The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) is pleased to offer the DeepHow Pilot Program to help our Manufacturing employers explore the latest in AI technology solutions to solve training challenges using the Stanley X DeepHow platform.

DeepHow, the first AI-enabled training solution for the manual trades, is brought to you by Stanley X. This system allows you to document the standard work of your best expert employees and convert it into Smart how-to videos for staff to learn from and reference, using standard enterprise tools and no special skills. 

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Watch this demo video and listen to our webinar for CT manufacturers to learn more about DeepHow and how you can participate in the Pilot Program.

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Program Summary
Our pilot program is intended to help Manufacturing companies learn, review and give feedback on the tool, and consider your interest in ongoing adoption of this AI technology. Reduction in training time and costs, faster and adaptable learning, and user friendly training experiences, on demand, are just a few of the tools’ benefits. Participation in this free pilot will allow you to explore its application to your training and evolving business needs, while you learn with and from other Manufacturing company pilot participants.

The DeepHow pilot will run 4 cohorts of up to 6 employers, grouped by common use case/business applications, with a 60 day free access to training, support and best practice sharing. After the training pilot is complete you will no longer have access to the tool, but can keep any training videos you developed and curated with the DeepHow tool.

Program Supports and Required Technology
DeepHow Pilot Program supports include:
  • From CCAT – Program administration and coordination of Cohort groups, and monitoring progress and feedback on results
  • From Stanley X/DeepHow – Program introduction and training, pilot program support and best practices, evaluation of pilot success
  • From the selected Employer Partners – A dedicated training or operations lead, use case and workflow selection knowledge, active filming and documentation review and approval, evaluation of pilot impact for DeepHow feedback
Employer Partner Technology required:
  • Tablet or Smart Phone (Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet or iOS or Android smartphone)
  • Noise cancelling headphones such as Blue Parrot 350 XT
  • Computer with Chrome Browser
  • Tripod/Mounting Device (optional)
Cohort Dates
  • Cohort 3: July 20 - Sept 17
  • Cohort 4: Sept 29 - Dec 3
Program Eligibility
  • Priority will be given to Connecticut REV-Up! Back to work Employers
  • Employer Applications will be processed on a first-come first-served basis
If selected, all participant companies will be required to execute a Technology Evaluation License Agreement prior to issuance of access credentials and participation in the program.

If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Candels, Advanced Technology Outreach Coordinator at or 860-558-5796 or Lynn Raicik, Workforce Pipeline Programs, at or 860-982-6637.

For more information about the DeepHow platform, visit their website at