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Over 1,000 employees have gained new skills so far.
Are your employees participating?

We can help you sign up all of your employees.

Overview of 180 Skills for CT Manufacturers

Watch the full webinar: Using 180 Skills to Rethink, Recommit, and Re-engage Your Current Workforce

Partners of 180 Skills are:

  • Providing high-quality skills training in a flexible and responsive manner
  • Helping non-traditional learners access skills training
  • Preparing for current and future labor market challenges
  • Implementing new training programs quickly
  • Offering industry-aligned credentials
  • Upskilling incumbent workers
  • Filling open manufacturing jobs

These trainings provide you and your employees with


180 Skills course library has over 700 competency-based, courses in 38 competency areas.


Each skills course has a post-course assessment to ensure mastery is achieved.


We provide study guides for each skills course to ensure student success.


Instructor training plans are provided so you can perform on-site, hands-on training.


We have 12 career programs aligned with industry-recognized certifications.

Competencies most needed by CT manufacturers 

Employees learn essential technical and professional skills

Great content

180 Skills courses are rich with realistic illustrations, animations, and simulations to make sure everyone enjoys learning and, more importantly, completes and attains mastery.

Employer and academic-authored

All of 180 Skill’s courses are created with industry and academic input. We make sure that our content is aligned with real jobs and academic standards.