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Create. Grow. Retain.

Over 1,000 employees have gained new skills so far.
Are your employees participating?

We can help you sign up all of your employees.


Employees can rapidly build their skills to align with their career goals.


Courses are there when you need them and when your employee has time to learn.


Competency-based learning means that mastery of skill is the measure of success.


180 Skills has a 10-year record of 90%+ completions and placements.


The Skills 180 training program is easy to use and very informative. The training uses a mix of text, audio and graphical media which makes the lessons easy to follow and allows you to learn at your own pace. Because the content is online, I was able to access it from any computer with an internet connection. This meant I could start and stop whenever I had time. I enjoyed this program and would definitely recommend it to others. It is a great way to learn.Joseph Bauer, CNC Programmer, PCX Aerosystems
180 Skills makes learning and upskilling easy, efficient and rewarding throughout your manufacturing organization. Their solution helped our company develop great engineering skills through comprehensive, yet bite-sized learning that's tailored to an individual's abilities. Each individual, if motivated, can be taken on a learning journey that meets them where they are and continuously moves them towards stronger skills.Zack Melikian, VP of Human Resources, Burke Aerospace
180 Skills has allowed us to strengthen our core value of “Never Stop Improving” by continuing to implement continuous learning throughout our shop. It is a great resource for training at all levels that is user friendly and easy to administer from entry level team members through experienced manufacturers.Amanda Wiriya, Manufacturing Support Manager, Wepco Plastics


*Eligibility includes CT manufacturing companies with less than 500 employees. Contact us at or 860.291.8832 to learn other ways to participate.


CCAT has partnered with the Governor’s Workforce Council to provide online learning opportunities in manufacturing for Connecticut incumbent workers using the 180 Skills platform. Since 2009, 180 Skills has provided manufacturers with short-term online skills training for the manufacturing sector. Their library of skills training was developed in partnership with manufacturers for the next generation of workers.

[PRESS RELEASE] Governor Lamont Launches Initiative Providing Connecticut Residents with Career Resources and Workforce Upskilling