REV-Up! Connecticut Back to Work is a Wage Subsidy and Training Program administered by CCAT.  REV-Up! is intended to retain our manufacturing talent pipeline by recruiting employers to re-hire former employees or add to staff with manufacturing workers laid-off as a result of COVID, train them in the areas of quality, inspection, and Industry 4.0 technologies, and help employers grow their business for the future.

To submit your application complete as much as is known on the form below, with all asterisked questions re: Employer information and certification being required. Other fields can be updated with the REV-Up! Program leader at a later date but will need to be provided prior to contract execution.

REV-Up! Employer Application Form
Employer Contact Information
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Company Information
e.g. If 10%, please write 10.
Proposed Employee Information
Leave name(s) blank if candidate(s) are not yet identified by Employer, and notify CCAT's REV-Up! team if more than three qualified hires are identified.
Certification & Signature
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Public Announcement

Please be advised that your company and project may be highlighted in a press release and/or used for Economic Development Metrics issued by the state. In addition, your company may be asked to submit reporting data regarding your program participation up to December 30, 2021.  Company proprietary or trade secret information will not be disclosed.

Next Steps

CCAT’s REV-Up! team will review your application and schedule meetings as soon as possible to review your application and discuss REV-Up! details and timelines. 

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Raicik, Workforce Pipeline Programs, at lraicik@ccat.us or 860-982-6637.

CCAT received support for this project from the CT Department of Economic and Community Development.